How to fix "Please insert disk into drive error"

Hello all today i will be showing you how to fix your flash drive when u get the following the error "insert disk into drive error" I used to get this error in my kingston 8gb datatravler and after much googling  i have found a way to fix the problem

First off lets see how this error occurs
This error occurs because the controller firmware of the flash got erased thus the chip in the flash cannot communicate or recognize the memory chip. Since the controller chip cannot talk to the memory chip we get the "insert disk into drive" error as the disk (MEMORY CHIP) is not detected. This can happen because of improper use of the flash drive like (unsafe removal , improper formatting etc) or exposure of the flash drive to extreme conditions.

Flash drive is very slow and the data gets corrupted
In this case the controller firmware did not get erased but it got corrupted thus leading to very low performance, instability and data loss.

The flash drive can be fixed by flashing the controller firmware to the flash and then doing a low level format.
i will be uploading some firmwares of some well known flashes if your flash drive is not listed wait as i will be slowly updating the list


Kingston Datatraveler DT100 16gb
Kingston Datatraveler DT100 8gb
Kingston Datatraveler DT100 4g
Kingston Datatraveler DT100 2gb

Kingston Datatraveler DT1 1gb 
Kingston Datatraveler DT1 2gb 
Kingston Datatraveler DT1 4gb 

Sony Microvault 2gb
Sony Microvault 4gb
Sony Microvault 8gb
Sony Microvault 16gb
Sony Microvault 32gb

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